How to recover after a narcissist discards you?

3.5 year relationship and I’ve been discarded. In the last 3 weeks I’ve identified he’s a narcissist and always wondered what was going on with him. He had GAD so I put his behaviours down to that. But I now know it wasn’t that. He’s been cruel, controlling, manipulative and gas lighted me. Said things to keep me hooked, planned a future (or so I thought). Two miscarriages and was still trying for a baby. He was coming on a holiday with me and my two children, he needed to pay half. He then dumped me two days before, blocked me on everything and left me in debt and my kids in tears. A day before this he was talking about our future, a week before he was telling me he loved me. I’ve heard nothing from him a week later. I lost the money for the holiday and couldn’t go due to the pain.
I’m hurting and in shock at realising it was lies and control. How do I ever get over this?
How to recover after a narcissist discards you?
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