Feeling an intense feeling of heartbreak and not sure how to deal with it?

there was this girl from my hometown , I've known her for years. we never formally dated or slept together. and some people have a hard time understanding why I was so attached to her. true we were never a couple madly in love with each other , but I know deep down that I in fact did love her.

anyways I see a lot of her through the bar scene or her work ( she's a server at a place here ) maybe I should of realised it was never going to happen. but I just couldn't let go on the idea and kept visiting her there and maintained this intense interest in her. she would also tease me a lot , I'd sort of check her out and she'd enjoy the attention allowing me to see pretty much whatever I wanted of her boobs or tight butt when I was there.

I recently found out she has a long time boyfriend and there obviously sleeping together and such. also the job is just a way for her to get money so she can buy stuff online or go on expensive trips places. she doesn't seem to care about me at all and doesn't even enjoy serving me when I'm at the bar.

if it was any other girl I'd just walk away laughing , thinking she was some dumb blonde who just wanted to make big tips and pretty much made a fool of herself by allowing this to drag on for so long.
but thing is I do have feelings for her and really hurt by this situation and way I've been treated by her and her family ( who seem to pretty much hate me )
I realise I need to move on and date someone else but feeling this intense feeling of heartbreak and not sure how I can let go without feeling really sad about this outcome
3 mo
to explain further things had mostly been fine this summer or at least normal routine. until I noticed one night her new nipple piercing. that seems to have really set her off for some reason but seems doubtful it was unintentional, she stood rate beside me and you could tell what it was , I see her boobs all the time , was I not going to notice them eventually anyways?
Feeling an intense feeling of heartbreak and not sure how to deal with it?
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