Can my breakup be fixed by giving him space?

On Wednesday, my boyfriend of 3 years dropped the bomb that he wasn’t happy. He sprung it out of nowhere. I’m wondering if it was a breakdown because he switched over night and he was out of character. The reason I think that it could’ve been a breakdown is because of a few things. He doesn’t have friends, hobbies, he’s piling on the weight, he is worried about his career, he’s just feeling the pressure of a college report he has due. He’s had a few interviews but he really became down after he felt he didn’t do well in one interview. I noticed we argued a bit because I tried to reassure him.

Anyway, he was acting normal up until the conversation. We went out for our anniversary and he spoilt me on the Monday. The weekend prior to this, he invited me to his family home, he invited me for lunch dates and we spent lots of time together. That being said.. I think I became quite needy because I’ve been a bit down myself. I’ve struggled with job loss and friend loss so I wasn’t myself, but he knew this and we both agreed these things take time.

Last week before the chat, he asked me to move away with him to a new city 3 times. We have a holiday booked for November and he’s so excited.

When chatting, he said he’s not happy with the fights we’ve had, & he seemed to bring up really old irrelevant things, calling me controlling. He kept digging and making mean remarks like “I’ve hated meeting you” and “we’re not compatible” & even said he needs to move on alone to figure his life out. He said “how can you love someone if you don’t love yourself”. Everyone is telling me he must’ve snapped and had a breakdown of some sort. On Monday he said he’s been having the best 3 years of his life but on Wednesday he said he doesn’t know what he wants. What do I do?

I dont know where we stand because I got up in anger and left the room during (what I think was a breakup). He did say at the start he needed space, so maybe if I didn’t push so much we could’ve been doing that.
Can my breakup be fixed by giving him space?
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