Will he come back?

My boyfriend of almost 3 years said he needed time. we’re both 20 years old but I’m in college and he’s working a lot at a pizza place. We fell in love our senior year of high school. Two weeks ago, We also went to his brothers wedding and I met his family. but today he said out of the blue that he needs time to think and time to himself. He’s been saying he hates his job and that he’s stressed out. He works a lot mornings and night closing and opening so I understand that, what I don’t get is when I got in his car he held my hand the whole time as I cried, and says he wants to keep in contact and doesn’t want to lose me. He also said he still has feelings. He cried as well. As I got out of the car crying I heard him say “bye babe” if his job is stressing him out then why would he need a break from me? he didn’t really give me a reason for why he needs time he just kept saying he’s stressed and needs to find himself. i also suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and this is killing me. I don’t know is he’s coming back or not.
3 mo
Sadly we broke up, thank you all for the positive thoughts.
Will he come back?
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