How do I get through my boyfriend of 3 years cheating on me and my miscarriage?

Months back I posted on here about my boyfriend texting a woman I didn’t like. Turns out he actually was cheating on me. He moved out because he said I deserved better, I begged him to stay. He didn’t stay but we’re still romantically involved. A month goes by, my period is missed. Then a few weeks later I have a lot of bleeding and abnormal pain. I though it was a late period, but it hurt too much for me to even go to the bathroom. The bleeding barely lasted two days. Then I had a regular period a few weeks later. I realized I had a miscarriage, probably due to stress and possibly copious amounts of drinking. I didn’t know I was pregnant but I realized I did show classic early symptoms after the fact. I also lost my job, that added to it all.

I haven’t told my boyfriend because I’m scared, I’m still trying to heal from him cheating on me. He has actually been feeling guilt and remorse. He tries to help take care of me, even when we aren’t living together anymore. Like doing handy work around my house and cleaning. I’m not trying to make excuses for him but I feel like he genuinely still loves me and he made a mistake, it should not be forgiven so easily but I’ve known many couples that survived infidelity.

I not sure how he’ll react, I’m sure he’ll be sympathetic but in the back of my mind I feel he might tell me he’s not healthy for me and really end it officially.

My mental state isn’t well as I have major depressive disorder, I have considered taking my life months back. Things have been getting better though, sometimes it still looms on my mind.
How do I get through my boyfriend of 3 years cheating on me and my miscarriage?
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