I really want to fix things with my ex. I’m doing “no contact”, but how do I get him back?

My boyfriend ended things out of the blue last week. When I say it was out of the blue, we’d been meeting up most days prior to this and he was always the one suggesting to meet. We celebrated an anniversary and everything seemed normal. Then on Wednesday, he sat me down and old me he wasn’t happy.
He said that he feels I’m not supporting him, he doesn’t know what he wants, he needed space, he thought that all of our small fighting was beginning to impact him, and that he needed to figure himself out alone. Everything he said contrasted other behaviour. He acted like he hated me, cold, even though the day before everything was perfect. It was like he switched.

I know this man still loves me loads, and I really want advice on how to fix this. Taking a week away from him has made me realise that whenever I was in a low point or not myself, I took out everything on him. He didn’t deserve that. I really want to let him know this, but I am also doing “no contact” until things are less heated.

he's really stressed and down in himself, he has no friends, no real job and no hobbies. He said during the breakup that he doesn’t even like himself. I’m giving him room to discover himself and actually learn to love himself though. But I don’t want this to end. We built our lives together, and I know where I went wrong.

he's stopped looking at my stuff online and seems to be liking absolutely everyone else’s photos online, girls and guys (even if he’s said he doesn’t like them). He won’t view my stories or anything which I’m guessing means he’s trying to move on. I don’t want this to be the end and I think he knows this too, but he’s just not in a good mental state.
Only last week he said he’s had the best 3 years of his life.
please someone advise me.
I really want to fix things with my ex. I’m doing “no contact”, but how do I get him back?
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