Why is my ex trying to hurt me after the breakup if he loves me?

My partner sat me down just a week ago and told me he wasn’t happy. He said out of nowhere that he needed space and that all of our arguing had taken a toll on him. We hadn’t actually been fighting that often, but we fought a lot in one short space of time, so he obviously let that build up.

He’s been really unhappy in himself & depressed, and he said he doesn’t even like himself. He doesn’t have friends, a good job or hobbies, he only ever had me, which worried me always. He had a college thesis due yesterday and it seemed like the stress of that was getting too much for him, and he said he felt like I wasn’t supporting him.

Everything he said when arguing with me seemed to contradict how he actually feels, and it looked like he was trying to do everything to hurt me. He said I was “unbearable” and that we’re “incompatible” despite always asking me to meet up the week before that, & he knows how much we have in common. He seemed to be more upset about his own life than ours built together, because he said “how can I love someone when I don’t know how to love myself”.

Obviously that broke my heart, but I got up and left the situation because I didn’t know where it came from. I’m not joking, the day before he ended things he had been lying on top of me kissing me and making passes and told me he’d had the best 3 years of his life. My fam & friends believe he just snapped in himself.

Since things ending, he’s gone out and got really drunk with his class (even though a week ago he told me how much he hates them).
He posted a photo online of him finishing his college thesis & said he has to thank his class for making his year really amazing, even though he basically got bullied by them & was so unhappy.
I feel quite hurt that I’m being treated like I did everything bad to him, and seeing Instagram stories really hurt me.
He’s stopped watching my stuff online & hasn’t spoken to me since I got up and left. Why is he behaving like this?
Why is my ex trying to hurt me after the breakup if he loves me?
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