What should text my ex to get a response?

Been broken up for a month. She broke up with me after a stupid argument. Was a complicated breakup with us calling and texting each other back and forth and having sex a few times. We both really are about each other.

We last hung out about 2 weeks ago. We had one last day together before she left for a 3 week long trip. Been 2 weeks and I wanted to text her, and see how the trip is going.

I know most most people will say don’t text her now. I was originally planning on waiting until she got back next week and then text her. But I’m having trouble holding out.

My question is. What should I text her to start a conversation? And should I do It now while she is still on the trip or wait till she gets back? Rather have ideas than just telling me not to do it. Cause I’m going to regardless one of these days.
What should text my ex to get a response?
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