Why is my ex behaving this way?

My ex broke up with me last week out of nowhere. He said really hurtful things and made me feel really bad. He said things like “we’re not meant to be” & “you’re unbearable to meet”, even though he had been initiating meet ups every day leading up to this. I think the pressure of his college thesis got to him and he just exploded. I couldn’t handle all of the nasty things he said so I got up and left. It was honestly out of nowhere and he’d been saying how much he loved me and that he’d the best 3 years just the day before. And I know he loves me, he’s very good to me, we’ve just had a few fights recently which must have overwhelmed him.

He handed in his thesis on Wednesday and as predicted, he contacted me yesterday. My phone was turned off and I got a missed call. I was still really hurt but was out for my sisters birthday so decided not to respond. I went out and had fun and my friends put up videos of me dancing and really just letting loose. It felt great.

My ex didn’t react well to this. He deleted the 2 most recent photos of us off his Instagram. Which really hurt. I felt rubbish seeing that today so I messaged him on Facebook, only to discover that he has set our chat on “ignore” so I wrote to him on WhatsApp instead, and he ignored me.

Then he went out of his way to follow this girl who really tried to come between us a year ago, on Instagram. Looks like he was trying to prove a point that he could talk to whoever he wants. He seems to keep lashing out online. He has no friends to vent to, so instead is deliberately out to hurt me. But why is he acting like this when he’s the one who wanted to end things? I know he’s hurting but why did he call me, and now why is he angry? He’s only making things worse.
Why is my ex behaving this way?
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