Should my boyfriend and I break up?

We been together 6 months. Lately we been fighting more. Spending less time together. The fights are mainly about spending time together. We hung out on Friday by the pool. I asked him are we going to the movies today? He said "Not today, I saw you yesterday."

I said so what you dont wanna see me two days in a row
He said " I hate when you do this guilt trip me cause I like my alone time. I didn't go to sleep til 4am and my friends and I are playing ball.

Him and I are both off on the weekends so it makes sense to see each other. But he's not making time and honestly Im sick of it.

he's talking about getting married I said how when you like your alone time so much. He said I will get use to you being around me and living with me.

A relationship can't work if you see each other once a week. he's being selfish and unreasonable.
Should my boyfriend and I break up?
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