Am I shitty person?

I know that I'm not actually a shitty person but my ex told me I was a "Terrible boyfriend" and it's been on my mind, and makes me mad.

It was a relationship with a lot of baggage on both ends. Her ex at the time left her because of reasons. My girlfriend left me to be with her ex (am I making sense?). So we were both in a shitty state. We were friends before so when we both lost our SOs we kinda coped together. Then eventually we slept together, as a hookup, then eventually we got together.

Anywho our relationship was a recipe for disaster. It was a good first 2 months, but after the third it kinda went awry. Every other night she would get super sad, and I helped out as much as I could, but by the 3rd month I just couldn't be as helpful as I used to be, and everytime where I couldn't help out she would threaten to harm herself, she would even bang her head on something. On top of all the fights we already had.

At that point I knew I should have just left, but for some fucked up reason I felt like could help her. I couldn't, and this went on for another 2 months. It got a point where I felt defeated and knew I couldn't help her. We agreed to get her professional help, but she just wouldn't follow through. Then came a day where we fought one day and it was bad. We didn't talk for a couple days.

When we talked again she came forward and told me that she got fucked up with another guy who I said I did not like. Breaking my trust. I tell her that we're done, and she begs for me to think about it for one more day. So for another fucked up reason I bite and say whatever, though I had full intention of breaking up with her anyway.

Come the next day, she really comes up to me and says "I don't wanna break up because of what happened the other day, but you were a terrible boyfriend I mean teeerrrrible boyfriend" and basically saying all these things to end the relationship on her terms

Anyway this want meant for anything, just a rant

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Am I shitty person?
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