I think I’ve messed up my relationship? Help?

I think I messed my relationship up and I want to fix it. He sat me down out of nowhere and said he wasn’t happy. He said honestly every reason possible and that he didn’t know what he wanted and he needed space. I got up in anger and left because he said really nasty things.
Everyone said he was probably stressed and to leave him off.

A week later after the stress was lifted, I got a missed call off him. I didn’t know was it a mistake or what so I ignored it and went out with my friends and purposely put up videos of me having fun. This backfired, because the next day he deleted our photos together and muted me online. I texted him about the phone call and he won’t even open my text.
My profile picture is still us though so surely he spotted that? Unless he just didn’t think I thought to change it.

I need to fix this and I don’t know what to do. He mightn’t have even wanted to fix things on the phone but it’s hardly a coincidence that I got a missed call and then I ignore it and he takes such drastic measures? I’m so upset and can’t stop thinking about it.

He’s hearing about a job tomorrow and I wonder should I text him to let him know I remembered it. I feel like he’s just angry that I a) left in anger when he was expressing his hurt, even though he said nasty things to me in anger such as “you’re unbearable” “we’re incompatible”. I know he didn’t mean these things though, just the day before, everything was perfect. I think the pressure of college and jobs was getting to him. He’d only asked me to move to another city with him.

Someone help! I’ll honestly give the best advice a best answer and give good feedback because I’m just so upset
I think I’ve messed up my relationship? Help?
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