My ex ended things out of the blue, he was all over me the day beforehand?

My ex pulled me for a chat a week ago to say he wasn’t happy. It came out of literally nowhere, like he’d just brought me for dinner the day before and was all over me and spoiling me. Then he dropped this whole “I’m not happy” bomb. I calmly tried to rationalise and fix things but he kept pushing, he went from “I think I just need space” to “you’re unbearable” (even though he is the one who always invites me to meet up). We’d had a few fights but nothing we couldn’t fix, so this was ridiculous, so I was angry and got up and left.

8 days later, while my phone was off, I got a missed call. He rang me the day after being on a night out and after he finished his college exam. (Which i knew he was majorly stressed about & figured was the reason for things ending). So I decided not to call him instantly.

I went out for my sisters birthday and had great fun, but put up videos drunkenly of me enjoying myself. My ex reacted by deleting the 2 most recent photos of us on Instagram, “muting” me on ALL social media platforms, & adding girls who haven’t been nice to me in the past. Also, this guy is such a nice guy so it was really out of character & very immature.

I rang him the next day and said “Hey I just saw your missed call, what’s up?” and he purposely didn’t even open my text.

The behaviour is childish but I don’t get why he’s acting out? And why he’s basically muted me on everything. It’s just so out of the blue, like we were so in love. I found a clip of us singing into the camera 4 days before the break up and I swear there were no problems. Just fighting but nothing we couldn’t sort out or communicate.

I know he struggles with “finding himself” and feels he has no friends or hobbies. It felt like he blamed me for all of this the other week. But then.. WHY did he call me on Thursday? Did he want to fix things? Did I ruin it by ignoring the call until the next day?
My ex ended things out of the blue, he was all over me the day beforehand?
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