Why do people "Ghost" other people?

So I was seeing someone for about 6 months. Work is hectic for him and I've always been understanding and he would still be in contact with me. We made plans to go out but those fell through because of something coming up for work. We had talked about making plans for the next few days.

I had texted him to see what he wanted to do - no reply. I texted him the next day still no reply. On the third day I tried contacting him another way and he finally replied. He said he forgot to reply and was very busy. I was upset because this had never happened and if he was busy, 30 sec of saying "No, I can't" won't hurt. I told him to forget our plans and that I will just leave him alone for the next little while if he's very busy. No word from him for over a week.

Was this his way of "ghosting" me?
Did he just find a way for me to end things with him?
After months of seeing each other I would've thought that "ghosting" would not have been acceptable?

Before you guys say it, no he wasn't seeing someone on the side. I'm not being naive about that thought.
Why do people "Ghost" other people?
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