Is my ex boyfriend in a rebound relationship, and do me and him still have a chance of being together again in the future?

Me and my ex were together for just over a year and practically living together. We did a lot together - he helped me lose weight, get my drivers licence, and came with me to doctors appointments. We did a lot of firsts together and had/ have a great connection.
He went to jail for 3 months and I waited for him and he was appreciative and happy and was calling me everyday telling me he loves me and was talking about making future plans - we were getting serious and his mom even invited me over for Jewish Passover holiday. Now during the month of June we had quite a few fights over stupid stuff like what I should wear when we go out, my diet and I was also getting irritated when he was on his phone a lot and he was getting overly sensitive anytime I wanted to go back to my house for 3 days and then come back to him. He was scared of me leaving him and he also felt unappreciated , but I always showed him I cared for him - like going to the hospital everyday when he had surgery. Now he starts dating someone who is totally the opposite of me exactly 2 days after we broke up and after 3 weeks they are saying “I love you” to each other. But he says he still wants to work stufff out & possibly get back together. He still kisses me and has me sleeping over at his place during the week and only sees this girl on weekends, but he tells me he doesn’t have history with her like he does with me... and says he needs time and doesn’t prefer her over me right now and that it depends on me and doesn’t know what he wants to do. She’s a dark gothic girl and he’s a classy type of a guy who wears suits and likes to be well dressed and she’s way taller than him and is the total opposite of me - I’m sweet and sensitive, she’s the psycho angry aggressive type and dresses like a punk rocker - totally different from me!
Also it moved very quick - after 3 or 4 weeks saying that they are in love?
Is he in a rebound relationship? And is there a chance for me and him to be back together?
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3 mo
Ps - he always kept our relationship secret/ private but with this chic who’s not his type he’s showing her off and has her out in the open but still tells me he loves me and wants to work things out with me and that he still cares about me... what do u guys think of this situation? She’s totally different/ opposite of me...
3 mo
If I was always showing him I cared for him and loved him then how is that being unappreciated?
He says he wasn’t happy yet he still wants to see if we can work stuff out cuz he still loves me and cares for me...
Is my ex boyfriend in a rebound relationship, and do me and him still have a chance of being together again in the future?
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