Guys how would you act in this situation?

If you had broken up with an ex last year, however, it had been your longest relationship and you’re at the point of your life when you want to start settling down and having kids.

However, a few months after breaking up with your ex you meet someone new and hit it off with them big time, have a lot in common and have great chemistry. During meeting this new person your ex messages you again and you realise you still have feelings and want to try give it another go in case things do work out.

You try work things out with your ex however, you realise it’s not going to work and you end things again. However, all this time you do like and have feelings for this other girl. You’ve been honest with the situation with her and even told her that you ended things with the ex.

How would you act after this happening? Would you need some time alone to sort out your emotions and to get over your ex completely? What’s it like for guys after they have ended the relationship?
Guys how would you act in this situation?
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