Help needed! Is my ex done with me?

My ex & I broke up 2 weeks ago, it happened out of nowhere. He said he wasn’t happy & needed space. He said I was controlling, unbearable, that I didn’t support him and he mentioned that he doesn’t know how to love someone when he doesn’t love himself, and that we were incompatible. He’s struggling with friends & hobbies though, I think he was feeling stress.

2 days prior to this he told me he loved me. He told me that he wanted me to move away with him to another city if he got a job, he expressed excitement for a holiday we have at Christmas. He said he’d had the best few years of his life. He made sexual passes at me & teased me. He was needy and kept cuddling into me. He’d been like that the whole week. We’d had fights, but nothing horrific. We’d had one bad fight where I told him I was a bit low in myself because I don’t have a solid job. He understood tho.

On the Sunday before ending, he’d told me he was feeling numb, he said he was stressed about college and it was getting him down. I reassured him and promised to help.

The day things ended, I got up in anger because everything he said made no sense. He didn’t bother to speak to me after.
7 days later, he handed in his college work & I got a missed call off him. I decided not to ring back until the next day. It was my sisters birthday and I didn’t want issues. I went out that night and had fun. Videos went up of us out.

As a result of me ignoring & going out, he deleted 2 recent photos of us online & he started following new girls online. It seemed angry.
I texted him to say I’d seen his call, only to see that he’d muted me all over every social media platform.

I messaged him yesterday to wish him luck about a job and he replied instantly. I then asked if he wanted to meet and that I realise my mistakes & he replied saying yes and gave a time and day. I’ve since postponed the time and day, but he’s quick to reply to me but won’t chat. I don’t know what to expect when we meet up. He’s being so cold.
Help needed! Is my ex done with me?
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