Guys, uummmm... what's this about?

Ok so I broke up with my ex like 4.5 years ago. I later wanted to work it out, but he had a new girlfriend, who he's still with. I accepted that and attempted to move on. For the next 2 years of their relationship, he would randomly contact me for no real reason, & sometimes even ask questions about our breakup. Eventually, I stopped responding and moved onto another relationship, which I'm still in. I have not contacted him or accepted any of his contact after that. A little over a year ago, he sent me a friend request and I accepted, just to see if he had anything to say or be friends. He didn't say anything to me for months, and when he did it was a random question about my family business, and that was it, no questions about me or my life at all. I asked him why he sent the request a few months later, and he got upset, saying that he was still upset with me over our breakup. Since then I've deleted him (about 6 months ago) cause I dont got time for that shit.
Since I deleted him (I went to his page once, cause I saw through thumbnails on old posts that popped up that he has been changing his profile pics more than usual) he has removed the privacy block he had on me, and now I can see all of his pics with him and his girlfriend, that he had hidden when he sent me the request, and hid up until I deleted him. Whats up here, is he trying to make me jealous? Will exes do that years later? If so, why?
Guys, uummmm... what's this about?
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