Should I reach out to my ex?

My (kind of) ex published her first book a few months ago. I read it, and I really enjoyed it. I left a great review for it on Amazon.

Here's the thing, this girl and I did NOT end on good terms. She lied to me about having a Fiancé (it was an arranged marriage deal), and then blocked me on all social media after he and I found out about each other. We weren't even dating but the shit got weird.

In the time since we went our separate ways, a LOT of life has happened. Personal tragedies, careers getting started, etc., and I'm pretty sure that they aren't getting married anymore. I don't know the specifics of their situation (and nor is it my business), and I would think an arranged marriage would have happened by now.

This happened... wow... 4 years ago.

I've definitely moved on from the whole situation, and I wanted to reach out to her through her public email. I'm definitely ready to talk with her again, if she'll allow it.

Should I reach out, or just let the past in the past?
Yes, reach out!
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No, this will only lead to trouble
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Should I reach out to my ex?
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