Need your help a. s. a. p?

Last year I was in a relationship and I loved that girl a lot I could have done anything for her to be happy even if it was her bro my best friend for 10 years but one day he found out things got ugly and I lost contact with him and his family Who was very close to mine's because we were neighbors this happend 11 months ago and I still can't get over it I basically cry every day and everything I want to achieve in my life I fail because I can't get over this I lost my best friend my bro the only one who understands me so much and I lost the love of my life and their family Wich I loved a lot
I tried to contact him multiple times and I had no response I still love him as my bro
Also I cried a lot writing this
Please any help or any guidance to help my situation would be very appreciated
Need your help a. s. a. p?
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