Is my marriage falling apart?

Hi people, my wife and I have had arguments very constantly over the last year, and at time we didn’t even talk for weeks. But recently our relationship have reached its boiling point. My wife has put on a few extra pounds and she’s really insecure about it specially after I commented about her weight in our last argument. Eversince our last argument her behavior started to change, she is short tempered, on edge and said that she no longer loves me. She said that I have injured her heart. she ask for time off to think about our relationship and she will eat back to me with her decision in about a week. But now that I almost lost her, I’m starting to realize that I love her. I have been thinking about her a lot and the idea that she will leave me is devastating to me. I tried to apologize to her but it didn’t have any effect on her. Now I’m clueless what to do, I really don’t wana lose her. Any suggestions on how I can win her back or is there even a chance? I really appreciate your insight on this. Thanks much
3 mo
Hey everyone thanks for your response, I took some of the advice here and I surprised my wife on her birthday with a beautiful cake 🎂 and flowers. She seemed so happy on the day that I surprised her but she didn’t do anything to fix the relationship she just showed appreciation for my effort to surprise her, I’m still awaiting her decision
Is my marriage falling apart?
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