Do I’ve a chance to fix my relationship? If so, any good tips?

My ex randomly broke it off with me 2 weeks ago. We’d been meeting up as normal and having fun and planning things for the coming weeks. We’d had regular arguments & one bad one but nothing so bad to warrant a break up. When I met him, he had switched over night and I’m not joking. He was saying things like “you’re unbearable to meet”, “we’re not a good match” & “I need to find myself alone”. He was the one always asking to meet up. He said he didn’t love himself. I could tell he was in a bad place, he was so negative, even when I tried to help us fix things. I got slightly needy when he was at his busiest point but it wasn’t harmful. Like did he have a breakdown? He was feeling the pressure of college work at the time, & he’s so afraid of the future & careers/ having no friends.

A day after he finished his college work and actually (for once) went out with his classmates (despite saying how much he hates them), I got a missed call off him but my phone was dead. I didn’t reply instantly because I was going out. I went out and videos were up online of me having fun. He reacted to this by deleting our 2 recent photos online together and following lots of girls, it was so weird. I messaged him to say I got the call but he ignored me.

On Tuesday, I got in contact to wish him luck in a job I knew he was hearing from, and he replied instantly. Then I suggested we meet up because I realised I messed up, & he agreed to meet (he agreed to meet 2 hours before starting work so he was giving me a bit of time to talk). I postponed until next week and asked him to let me know when he knew his availability. The second he got his roster he texted me. He didn’t wait any time to let me know, which was slightly positive. But that being said, he’s being very cold online, and he’s muted all of my stuff on social media so he doesn’t have to see it (maybe perhaps because he doesn’t want to see it so he can move on.)

Any and all tips welcome on how I can fix this!
Do I’ve a chance to fix my relationship? If so, any good tips?
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