Should I be mad? Should I respond?

I had a crush on this girl throughout highschool, and she knew it. But she was dating someone and I tatted seeing someone as well.
A few years later, I was single again and she was too. I found her on tinder and asked her out. She initially declined saying we were too good of friends. But we hadn't spoken since we graduated.
I brought up friends make great partners and we also hadn't seen each other in a few years and we went out on a date. It was not very good, because I could tell she didn't want to be there. She was very rude and standoff about everything and I didn't respond after a while. Even though I understood we weren't going out again.
It's been over a year since that happened and we haven't spoken besides her sending one message after the date she wanted to stay friends. But she messaged me asking if I had any friends who dis body work because she damaged her car. She sent a second message saying it was her.
I'm incredibly mad, because I'm a mechanic and she asks for a favor like that and I think she suspects that I didn't have her number and put her name at the end
Should I even respond? Am I right to be mad? I feel like I'm being walked on.
I should be mad, don't respond
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I shouldn't be mad, respond
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I should be mad, but respond
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Should I be mad? Should I respond?
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