I am conflicted, I still love her?

My girlfriend and I have been going on for just over 10 months, however her mother didn't quite approve of me because I was taking all of their time that they used to spend together. Also some other reasons. Recently her mother went full psycho and started to threaten all of these things, trying to charge me and have me arrested for ridiculous accusations. She was making my Girlfriends life a living hell because I was in it. So, I didn't want to cause her anymore pain, so we ended things. So she could live a semi-normal life and not be attacked for everything. I just. I still love her. But I honestly don't think she is ready for a relationship either. She has to learn more about what she values as right and wrong in a relationship, because about 2-3 weeks ago she was out of state and started to "mess" with another dude on the internet. Sending him sexually provocative messages and some images. No nudes or anything like that. But...
In my eyes. Thats cheating. And I was willing to give her a second chance, she apologized profusely, but the damage was already done. My trust had been lost. I feel betrayed. I was willing to let her spend the time and effort to try and earn my trust back. Because she knew. That every previous girlfriend I've had. Has cheated on me, maybe im choosing the wrong girls. Maybe somethings wrong with me? She swore that she'd never cheat on me. But she did. And I... just dont know if I made the right decision to end things. And if I did. How can I handle being aline after having so heavily relied on someone for so long?
I am conflicted, I still love her?
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