Do you think my ex is depressed? He made a very irrational decision to break up?

My ex randomly broke up with me nearly 3 weeks ago. It was so out of the blue, he’d been with me the day before and he was all over me, there was a sexual connection and lots of love. He was talking about our future. We were having a few arguments that week, but nothing that warranted a break up.
He said some vicious things during the break up which were out of character, like “you’re unbearable to meet” “we’re incompatible” “how can I love someone when I don’t even like myself”. I found it so random because we had spent every day leading up together and he was the one always asking me to meet.

He’d a college thesis due at the time and the stress was hitting. He mentioned that he didn’t have my support. I’d like to mention that this break up was done in the middle of our fave cafe so I don’t know if it was even meant. He started by saying he needed space and it gradually got worse because I was a bit needy and persuasive to fix things.

He contacted me 8 days later, right after his thesis was handed in. My phone was dead so I didn’t see it for a while. I decided to leave it until the next day and went out with my friends for a birthday. Videos went online of me having fun. This resulted in my ex muting me all over social media, deleting pics of us (not all), & following lots of women online. I panicked and texted him the next day asking why he called and got ignored.

A week later, I text him to wish him luck in a job interview I remembered & he replied instantly. I then asked could we meet sometime (not expecting it to be soon) & said “I realise where I messed up” & he instantly suggested Friday at 12. I had to raincheck in the end & asked him to let me know his availability & the second he found out his roster he texted me. He’s still being very cold over texts and hasn’t unbarred me on social media (he doesn’t look at anything I’m up to).
Meeting next week & don’t know what to expect. Do you think he’s done or he’s realising it was a rash decision?
Do you think my ex is depressed? He made a very irrational decision to break up?
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