What should I expect when I meet my ex?

Meeting my ex after 3 weeks after ending things. He ended things really irrationally (just for those who don’t know), as we’d been getting on well and he showed love & sexual attraction, everything you don’t show if you’re not feeling it anymore. We’d been arguing quite a bit though but it never seemed to bother him but then he exploded his emotions and stress of his thesis on top of me. I got up and left mid break up in anger. Everything was so irrational, he was saying hurtful things for no reason. He’d been the one trying to meet me all that week yet was calling me unbearable to meet.

He tried to call me 8 days later (right after finishing the thesis) but my phone was dead. Still feeling hurt, I dismissed the call and went out with friends and my mates put up videos of us drinking and having a laugh. My ex went nuts at this, deleting 2 recent photos of us online, but kept the rest. He did this ages ago before when annoyed at himself, irrational behaviour. I texted him the day after I went out and asked why he called and he muted me on all social media platforms.

On Tuesday I texted him to wish him luck hearing about a job (just to show him I remembered), & he replied instantly thanking me. Then I asked “can we meet up sometime? I realise I messed up” and he eventually replied with a day and time. I didn’t expect him to want to meet so fast.
I rainchecked with him, asking him to let me know when he was free next week, saying to text me when he knows his availability. Again, I didn’t expect to hear from him until at least next week, but the second he got his work roster he texted me, & he was nice about it, giving me the option of when to meet him.

Having said that, I still have no idea what Friday will be like. I’ve 2 positive things making me feel sane. A) he did call. B) he’s prioritised meeting.

Will he aim to let me apologise and fix things? Or is he meeting to clear the air to move on?
3 mo
This was the most random break up ever. He didn’t distance himself, he’d said he was having the best 3 years of his life. He was so positive until stress bet him to it. Like he kept asking me every day the week before to meet. We have a holiday in November that he kept talking about only 2 days before ending. Even the day before ending he kept messaging me. All was so normal. I don’t know if he had the intent to end things because he brought me to my fave cafe & said he needed space initially.
What should I expect when I meet my ex?
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