Why do I hate her so much for cheating?


My now ex girlfriend cheated on me with her Ex, then broke up with me the next day.

At first she said she broke up because of something that happened in the past between us, which made no sense because it was something trivial. Soo I thought she needed space, so I gave it to her. Then I found out later on she I had been seeing her ex.

After confronting her why? She had nothing to say. No response. Fast forward today. She said she had unresolved feelings for him and said she was sorry for hurting me.

I'm just really angry at her. I feel such hatred because I'd never expected that from her. Considering how much I've done for her. I felt like she used me. There us just soo much I want to say, but i want to keep this post short.

Why would someone go back to an Ex who was never their for you?
Why would someone ruin something good, just to go back to an Ex?

I'm heartbroken and torn.
She even said she know it's her loss but it's her life.
Like who says that

I have invested soooo much time, energy and everything just to get kicked to the side. I hate her.
I will recover from this but its soo hard.
Why do I hate her so much for cheating?
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