Exes best friend messaged me. Is my ex behind this?

My ex of 7 months I broke up about a month and a half ago. The break up kind of dragged on for a few weeks. With us going seeing each other and sleeping together and me trying to convince her to stay. She dumped me by the way. But she was the love of my life, we had a great connection.

So we last saw each other when she left for a 3 week trip. It was our "last day together" we had sex, argued a bit about the break up, but it ended about as well as it could have with us cuddling, making out, and crying a bit. She told me I was the best boyfriend she ever had.

I didn't talk to her for 2 weeks. Then I texted her one day to see how the trip was going. She said she didn't know the number, when I told her it was me. She said we left things on as good a note as we could. Can we leave it at that? Please don't text me again. I responded ok, I thought we were on good terms, but if that's what you want I can do that. I haven't texted her since. It's been 1 1/2 weeks.

Now during her trip I have been trying to move on, dating a bit, and have posted a few stories on nights out on insta, no girls in the photos just the locations, but in one you hear a girl laughing. She has me blocked on insta, but her best friend follows me and sees everything I post. Today I got a message from her on insta saying "moving on pretty quick huh? "

She was giving me trouble about me posting stuff on instagram that show me moving on, that it would hurt her feelings, and she is having a hard time too. But I respect her looking out for her friend, I'm not really mad. I'm just wondering if my ex is behind this. This girl posted a story with her and my ex getting ice cream during our text exchange. I find it hard to believe she wasn't showing her what I was typing.

I would love to get back with my ex, but she asked me not to call or text her. What do I say to her friend that might get back to my ex and get her to call or text me? What is going on here?
Exes best friend messaged me. Is my ex behind this?
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