Will he forgive me?

Long story short. My boyfriend (37) of over a year cheated on me (34) with his neighbor. I loved him and tried to work it out but we eventually broke up anyway. I was devastated but acted cool, like I was fine. They've been sleeping together since. We've been in limited contact since the breakup. Very limited. All of a sudden 6 weeks later he wants to have lunch and we start talking and texting again. Friday night we both had been drinking and wanted to see eachother. I ended up at his house and through a series of events him, his neighbor and I ended up in the same room. Well the alcohol kicked in and I went white girl crazy, cussing and hollering, and letting all the hurt I've felt over the last 2 months out in a very very bad way. Now he wants absolutely nothing to do with me. He won't speak to me at all. I've apologized, but he doesn't want to speak to or see me ever again. And I live 2 hours away so it's not like I'm going to bump in to him anywhere. Will he ever get passed my drunken moment of weakness and speak to me again?
Will he forgive me?
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