Is it normal for guys to become a “slimy” character after a breakup?

My ex contacted me saying he was sorry and there “haven’t been with any other women” and said he only likes me and no one else. I didn’t answer but looked at his facebook and found he has changed a lot since we broke up:

1. He has been flirting with 10-15 women, on Facebook alone, inviting them to come over (even from other states!) or saying he’ll go there, even just a few hours after leaving that voicemail. Telling all of these women how hot they are, beautiful, calling the love or baby, etc even when he’s never met them.

2. Hanging around new friends that refer to women as b****es and h*** and makes and posts derogatory naked pictures and memes of women saying deragoatory things of which my ex “likes”.

3. He started smoking pot and gloating about it posting videos and pictures as if he’s “cool” or hip.

I say say that part because it just seems like he’s trying to hard to advertise his drug use now and he’s 47. When we met he smoked but stopped when he asked me out because he thought I wouldn’t like it. Years into our relationship he would say he doesn’t want pot because he doesn’t like the way it made him feel, and then eventually said he didn’t even want it because he no longer had a desire for it.

Could a breakup cause a guy to change or have they always been this way and the breakup just brought it out?

I now think he is a disgusting man with no respect for women and is just a slimeball pervert with a drug problem.
Is it normal for guys to become a “slimy” character after a breakup?
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