I need to know if she really loves me!! Relationship trouble, need help!!(prefer girl's advice)

more that one year ago I met my sister's friend and got into a relationship,she was totally in love with me so that she did everything she can to see or talk to me,we broke up for several times but the last time was a year ago,she called me and told me that she is uncomfortable she need to leave.and that's what happened.But after a couple of months I got in a relationship with another girl but the day my ex girlfriend new about it she called me at midnight with a low voice crying and telling me she is sorry.I couldn't get back to her because it was my first day with the other girl,but I told her that I am not angry and I forgave her,but we cannot be together.She seemed to understand but from the day I broke up with my new girlfriend until two months ago she talked to me every day,ask about me and do everything just to attract my attention.And she showed me she regretted leaving me in many ways!I noticed that,and I also noticed that I still have feeling to her.So I went back to her and we were in a relationship again.

After a month,everything changed!i knew that when we broke up my best friend went to her and they were in a relationship(secretly)(and he is in a relationship) and she told her friend that she love him(this happened when she called me crying).I told her that I don't want them to be friends but she always refused until I told her that I know about their relationship.Then she couldn't do anything so she told me OK.

She always treat me like I'm an ordinary person!

yesterday we talked and she told me that she miss the old me and I old her the same...and I told her that I want to see her in the evening.

In the evening,i sent her a message to know where she is she told me that she's at home and asked me why? while I'm still reading her text message I received another message from her : "baby please do not call me or message me because my boyfriend is coming to see me,i will call you when he is gone"

i was very angry!but she sent me another message saying she is just kidding she is waiting for me .(but we were not that close for telling such jokes!) I didn't reply to her she began to send me messages that she is sorry and she didn't think that I will be angry and tried to call me more than 10 times but I didn't answer.i went to her and we had a little chat because her parents were at home.I really don't believe that she was joking,i am sure that it was by mistake,even though she told me she was testing me,but when she caught my cell phone she deleted the message instantly!when I got back home I had a meeting where my best friend is,and I sat down near his cell phone,his cell phone rang many times but I couldn't see the number but when he saw me beside his phone he instantly took it and put it in his pocket in a very strange way!

I had a strange feeling about that and I am suspecting that my girlfriend is still seeing my old best friend!and I don't know what to do!if anyone read my story and have a solution please tell me.thanks
I need to know if she really loves me!! Relationship trouble, need help!!(prefer girl's advice)
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