Is this a good evolution of myself? How do I make myself better?

Over the past couple of years, I've been through a lot. I thought I was with the love of my life and the person I wanted to marry, but she was only with me to try to convert me to her church.
When she ended things, I tried to be reasonable and understanding, while my friends thought I should be pissed and notice how bad she was for me.
I had several injuries because I tried too hard to please friends and co-workers and superiors. I suffered a dislocated shoulder, three severe concussions and torn ligaments in my leg. I lost work due to some of those injuries because I tried too hard.
At this point, I feel I've hardened myself. I've become less forgiving and understanding. I've tried to be nice whenever possible. But I have started to say my feelings or cut loose toxic or manipulative people from my life.
As much as I've tried to improve, I don't feel happy every day. I'm in a good job and I make solid money now. My health is finally good. But I feel angry and sad a lot because of how people treat and talk to me. What more do I need to change? The breakup and realization of the truth with my ex shook me and has messed with me in ways I'm still figuring out.
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I'd say you're right. She just felt I was letting my morals get in the way of fun, or getting a thrill. But I don't need to do crazy, illegal or dangerous things to have fun.
My family is very difficult. My ex pushed the Mormon church and my family pushed the Catholic Church. Both made me miserable, and they never accept my choices or trust me to do what's right. I've just gone about not telling them much and hope for the best when they find out... I'm not sure what else to do about it.
Is this a good evolution of myself? How do I make myself better?
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