She cheated but she we still in contact and giving in to my demands. Why?

Long story short she broke up with me. I later found out next day that she was cheating. She had developed feelings back for an Ex. As soon as I found out, I called her out on it and called her every name in the book for 2 weeks straight to make her feel like the lowest scum on the earth. I am angry.
She felt bad because I found out the real truth why she broke up.

My question is, we are still in contact dispite everything. Basically she claims she is very sorry for she did. I jokingly said if she wants to make things right, she'd have to honor my requests just to see what she'd say. Sooo for example, if I asked for something back that I gifted her, she is willing to give it back and if I asked for money for example to pay towards a credit card bill, though she doesn't have it, she will try to give what she has. I asked back for the Mac Laptop and iPad I got her, and she gave it back.

I'm not sure why on earth she is doing this, soo can anyone help me understand why she does this?

I know I must move on from her. I am trying ohh trust me. FYI I did a lot for her, pushed her to accomplish a lot, I've been her rock at the lowest point in her life. We were friends for over 7 years. And when we were together, I treated her like a Queen, the best she's ever had.

So why does she replies to me, and wants to honor my silly requests?
She cheated but she we still in contact and giving in to my demands. Why?
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