What does it mean when makin out with an ex boyfriend?

Yesterday , I went to go catch a movie with my ex boyfriend just as friends , I literally wasn’t expecting anything intimate to happen. And so we met , then he gave me a tight hug and into the cinema we went. An hour into the movie , he got cold so we shared my sweater and then he told me he wanted a kiss. So I took my time and then I kissed him and kind of made out a little and things got kinda sticky. Long story short , i gave him a bj and he did things to my boobs. He also gave me kisses on the neck. After the movie ended , we went to get coffee and we had the best / funniest convo ever. Then I was waiting for my uber , and he waited with me. He was asking me things like “ did u like the movie? “ , teasing me basically so I played along. My uber came , and then he gave me a tight hug again. He said he’ll see me again because I've been wanting to borrow this one book of his since forever. I don't know whats gonna happen on our next meet up. That night , i texted him talking about what happened , but he just didn't seem interested like he didn't wanna talk about it. I dont understand him. Does he only want me for my body? I feel so used. If you think he is. Let me know , pls.
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Update : he said he isn't looking for an friends with benefits relationship with me. He doesn't know what to tell me. He doesn't wanna be in a relationship cus he can't commit. He only told me he missed me. I am -
What does it mean when makin out with an ex boyfriend?
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