Will be broke if I break up?

So... my wife is loaded and if i leave i will have nothing, but i have never been happy in this relationship because i have absolutely no physical attraction to her and never have (no she's not fat i just dont feel anything for her physically). People ask why did you marry and it’s because i was desperate and on the rebound when i met her and i was drawn to her personality (i was jaded by hot jerks so i tried a nice girl who wasn’t pretty instead). By the time i wanted to break up i was “in too deep” and married out of guilt... i didn't wanna hurt her feelings which ironically ended up hurting them more when she found out i have no attraction to her. She is willing to work it out and is very loving but i just dont know how to create a spark from nothing and i get filled with bitter envy when i see happy couples because i want that too. I know sex isn’t everything but dang it helps some! She loves me a lot and i dont want to hurt her but i can't stay in this situation for life. Plus im religious so i feel hellbound if i leave and remarry. I also can't stay because she never wants to move since her whole family is on one street and she is very close to them, but its so cold up north and i have major winter depression and wanna move back south for warmth and sunshine. What should i do?
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Will be broke if I break up?
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