What if I was wrong?

I broke up with my ex girlfriend ago because I didn't want to live in constant anxiety of her cheating on me again. She cheated on me in our very early relationship through sexting. She explained to me why she did it and her reasons was she wasn't sure in our relationship and scared of commiting.
She was begging me to give us another chance when her mother died because she thought she needed me and couldn't handle another loss. I stand on my decision to nor get back with her. I just found out today that she cancelled her permanent residency in my country, quit her uni and quit her job and had move to an island for months now. I can't help to wonder i I was the reason why she did those stuff. I have thoughts like what if I was wrong with all my suspicions before, what if she wasn't really cheating on me again or have the intention to, did I really just gave up on her even if I love her because I was scared that she was going to cheat on me again? Was I selfish for doing that? What if she really love me and she really regret what she did. I knew she tried was putting a lot of effort after she cheated on me but I felt like it wasn't enough even if she spent her saving for me and quit her job to spend time with me. She deleted her Facebook account and her friends told me they weren't able to reach out to her months now as well.
Can someone give me an advice what to do.
What if I was wrong?
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