How do I get over my ex, but show him how good we were together for the future?

My ex and I broke up but we broke up in love. We’re at a crossroad, moving from being in college to finding ourselves in our careers. He’s moving away soon and I’m planning on moving away. The horrible part is, we still love each other. He ended things because he in the moment, felt like it wouldn’t work. We’d had a few arguments to lead him to believe that things weren’t working and that we were incompatible. He hurt me with his words.

I met him yesterday, and after 3 weeks of space, I accepted it for what it was. We handled it so maturely and both agreed that it wasn’t love lost, but it was just that we were both in 2 different places at the moment. I was definitely on a page where I felt that maybe in the future we could go back, but it seemed like he wasn’t sure. He’s muted me online and deleted photos because he can’t handle seeing stuff that reminds him of me. He’s definitely in a state of denial, I don’t think it’s hit him properly. He was like “I’ve started living my life and I feel independent” and I was SO happy because he never had a life other than me. I’m delighted to see that he’s being independent but I fear he’ll move on.

We were talking about an upcoming holiday we’d booked and he told me to bring a girl mate or give it to my parents but I said “no I’ll probably bring a guy” cause the place isn’t safe for women. He didn’t seem too keen on that idea. Then we spoke about tinder and he said he has no intent to go on it but that it’s my business if I do, but he was trying to put it down, saying its stupid, so I felt as though he was trying to keep me at arms length.
I’d love to grow on my own for a while and then rekindle with him. He said we’ll never be BEST friends and I’m guessing that’s because you can’t be best friends with someone you’re in love with, but I’d love to be best friends down the line and rekindle. I know in my heart how good we are together, and he does too he’s just in denial, he’s excited to “find himself” as an individual.
How do I get over my ex, but show him how good we were together for the future?
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