Dating After a Divorce? How much should you divulge to your new potential partners?

I'm in my mid to late 30s, just newly divorced and have 2 kids. It was an amicable divorce and we are both OK with the other dating. She even encourages me to date and says that I am super eligible and wants to see me with the right woman. I'm not sure how to proceed. After going through the process, there are so many ways for it to get super ugly which scares me. I have a lot of assets like decently expensive house, buildable land, stocks, 401k, etc. (that still is all mine after the divorce). The last thing I want is to get duped into a relationship where all she wants is a piece of the assets. Is it OK to try and intentionally keep information about where I live, or be vague about what I do, from potential mates, at least for a while, until I can better judge her personality and intentions? This is a slippery slope because I know now that open and honest communication is critical to any relationship. What would you do? This is a serious question because potentially my children could get screwed over if I do. I was not so scared before because I didn't have children, and I was much more naive. Just by luck it turned out fine this time... my ex-wife is really a good person.

I know people will say "prenup" if it gets to marriage. We had a good and thorough one, and believe me, a prenup does not solve everything contrary to what I believed (I was naive). There could be "marital interest" in things like property even if it's explicitly listed in the prenup by address, yes you heard that right. That was a gut-wrenching revelation brought to me by the lawyer. My ex-wife was just very generous and did not want to screw me over and she was fine with executing things in the "spirit" of what the prenup was supposed to accomplish.
Dating After a Divorce? How much should you divulge to your new potential partners?
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