Should I text my ex to reconcile?

He dumped me out of the blue about a month ago. Obviously I was hurt and confused. During the breakup, he kept saying how he really really wants to be friends. We haven't had any contact since that night, except when I dropped off his stuff I left a letter explaining my confusion in his sciency terms "when something at work doesn't work you wouldn't throw it away, you'd inquire, analyze, collaborate" etc. The end of the letter was a P. S. saying I'm not ready to be friends, but I'd be open to chat when we're both ready for some open and honest communication.

He received that 2 weeks ago... I'm wondering if he interpreted the letter as I'll be in touch with him? I'm out of town for another week, but I really do want to sit down and chat with him when I'm back. Should I text him when I'm back? If so, what should I say?

His reason for dumping me was "I just never developed the feelings I thought I would" which I think is total bullshit. He's been saying I love you for months and months. The timing of the breakup was when he was super stressed with family and work, and I want to see if... now that things have settled down he would reconsider being together.
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Should I text my ex to reconcile?
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