Does a break up hurt a narrcisst ego?

I broke up with one before he could discard me after letting myself get used by him. Might this have hurt his ego? It seemed to catch him off guard. He called about 3 times but knew I blocked his number.

Is it possible he might reappear in my life after 2months of no contact? If so, why? To get revenge.

Or, is it more likely he'll stay gone for good since I went no contact with him? Especially since I now know he has another girlfriend. He just thought of me as a side chick.

I'm not a very social media person and I am more introverted so I can't imagine him hovering me as I've heard they do sometimes.

Just curious. This was my first and hopefully only and last narcissist relationship.
Does a break up hurt a narrcisst ego?
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