Random apology from my ex?

My ex ended things with me out the blue due to stress of a new job at first I really just wanted to talk and try to fix things but sadly didn't work and he must of felt over whelmed so I backed off.
So I done no contact and after 19 days he text me out the blue saying he was sorry about everything and he was sorry if I felt I was ever treated badly.
I said back I felt abit mugged off and disrespected. He said he pushes the people he loves away when his under stress and he was sorry.
I said thank you for the apology and I said im sorry if I ever did become annoying it was only because I cared and panicked. He said don't worry about me or anyone else its not good for you.
Im not texting or calling him as I think well he was the one that ended things so surly he should chase me abit if he wants to meet me or see me again no? I hope doing the right thing.
1 y
Since he apologised we have been texting however I don't want to give too much away or look desperate. At the end of the day he ended it with me. So I haven't been on his case ringing or texting. I have been playing it cool if you want to say that lol. I don't really know when the times right to perhaps mention about a phone call or perhaps to ask to meet up or shale i wait for him to do that? A sorry on a text is nice but like actions speak louder then words so i want to see his actions?
Random apology from my ex?
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