Is he going to break up with me?

I was mad that he neglected me.. because of his enrolment into the new school, we meet up once every 2 weeks. I’m trying to be understanding but I just hate it that he bluetick my messages but can still be online on Instagram. This does not only happens once... I sent him a text saying that “ thank you for everything and all these while. I’ll transfer you back the money for the shoe you bought for me and all the best in ur studies “. He said he was disappointed because this isn’t the first time I wanted to break up...

When I asked him if he wants to end the r/s, he said yes. I explained to him why I had such thoughts and sent that text.. but I don’t think he hear any of those.

Now, he told me he need some time to think if we should continue...

He mentioned he’s sick of me.. :(
Is he going to break up with me?
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