Girls, Is this as unreasonable demand to make of him?

So I've been with my boyfriend for 4years.
The past 12 months has been tough because he has made some absolutely stupid decisions that have also had a big impact on my life. The final straw was finding out he was active on tinder.
I have given him so many "2nd chances" that I've lost count and I've already moved out and separated from him about a week ago while I decide what to do. He desperately wants me to back home to him.

IF and thats a big IF I take him back something that he is going to have to do is actually get down on his knees infront of me and BEG me not to leave him and then tell me why I should stay.
Its not something I would personally get much from, its just that he is a very very stubborn man and I figure if he's not willing to do that then he can't be that serious about wanting me to stay.

I told my sister about it and she thinks its too sadistic but I don't think it is sadistic at all.

Girls what do you think?
Is it reasonable to ask? or is just angry me trying to get back at him?
Girls, Is this as unreasonable demand to make of him?
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