Can someone please explain my exes behaviour?

My ex broke up with me a month ago out of nowhere. I took it badly initially but we met up last week and clarified he breakup. He 100% expected me to beg for him back but instead I took things on the chin and told him I felt that it was for the best, mainly because he’s very immature. We broke up years ago so I mentioned that and asked for no immature behaviour and he said that this time was different and that 1 day we’d be friends & that he wasn’t going to act out. He’d blocked me online so told me he’d unblock me and to reach out whenever I like. To give more backlog, half the reason things ended was because he’s so low in himself and he’s got no friends. He pushes people away. I said to him he should reach out to old friends and he said no, he said he’d be civil but that’s all. He told me he’d pay me money he owes me for an upcoming holiday we’d booked asap. He discouraged me going on tinder and told me he wasn’t going on it because it’s for younger people.

Anyway, he’s doing everything he said he wouldn’t. A day or 2 after the breakup I realised just how cold the breakup was, we were together years yet he treated me like a stranger. We’d been so in love until the day he changed his mind, he’d just asked me to move away with him & we’d booked a big holiday together which he expressed excitement towards.

Anyway, a day or 2 after the breakup he acted out by a) not unblocking me, instead he started unfollowing me on apps I barely use (twitter). He’s now back on tinder after what he said. And today I got a text off his old friend (who he supposedly hates) saying that my ex reached out and they met up and he heard the news and he asked could we meet up and chat and that he wanted to apologise for past behaviour. I’m so confused because he only said last week that he hated this guy and that he’d never be his friend again. He’s kind of just doing everything he said he wouldn’t, and it’s so similar to the last breakup. I haven’t got the money I’m owed back either.
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This is the second time in over three years that we’ve broken up. Last time he behaved so similarly.. yeah he is so immature. But doesn’t that make it unclear like he’ll eat his words and come crying again?

Yeah I’m trying to move on believe me, he just keeps doing things and now his friend is back in my life and that’s going to make things confusing
Can someone please explain my exes behaviour?
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