Why did I dream of her again?

I had been through an extremely difficult break up over the past year. I had dated this Mormon and we had finally gotten to the point where religious difference didn't matter. But she still went on a mission.
I had gone about getting solid in my career and finances to get a ring and house so we could get married when she came home. But she ended things, I got laid off and needed to start over and she was absolutely cruel about the breakup.
It's been a year since she came home and everything went down.
I've dated two girls since, and neither relationship went well, meanwhile my ex got married but I had let it go but was still angry for what she did.
I just stopped seeing the second girl, and I have been working a lot and have worked 60-70 hour weeks the last month and I'm trying to buy a house.
Last night, I had a dream where I went to my ex's house to fix something (that's my job) and she said she still lived me but the religious stuff kept up apart and she kissed me.
But I woke up and I was incredibly mad. I thought I was over her, I thought things were done.
Why did I dream of her again? I've tried so hard to put it behind me.
Why did I dream of her again?
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