Why is my ex acting like I broke up with him?

Since my breakup with my ex (he ended things), he’s doing everything he said he wouldn’t. We broke up because he came to a crossroad and said he needed to go figure himself out alone. Initially I was angry but then I accepted it. I think he thought I’d beg for him but I didn’t. He honestly ended things out of nowhere. The day before we ended he’d just said that he’d had the best few years with me, and he was showing so much love.

When we broke up it seemed like we’d someday be friends. When we broke up he said he wouldn’t block me online (he’s done this before years ago during breakup), he said that he wouldn’t act out at all, and he talked about old friends he dropped, saying he’d never go back to being friends with them. He also discouraged me from going on tinder & said he wasn’t going on it because it’s childish.

2 days after the breakup he was back on tinder, then he deleted me on some social media accounts. He ran back to an old friend who treated him like rubbish and that same friend messaged me to meet up next week so he can apologise to me. It’s so weird.

Another thing was, I miscarried during the original breakup which tore us down, and he hasn’t as much as asked me if I’m ok. He’s treating me like a stranger on the streets and doing everything he swore he wouldn’t. He owes me money for a holiday we booked and I paid for half. Now he’s saying he’s not going on the holiday but doesn’t want me going with a guy, that was definitely hinted. And he said he’d pay me back and I haven’t seen anything going into my account a week later.

I don’t get why he’s being so nasty because this is what he wanted?
Why is my ex acting like I broke up with him?
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