Am I wrong for blocking my ex on social media?

My ex and I broke up two weeks ago because he left for college. We tried to be friends but then we didn't talk for like a week and I was really sad for a few days and then hung out with friends and had a lot of fun. It made me realize I can stop holding onto him and move on and be happy again.

I texted him asking him if it was weird that we haven't really talked and he said no because we aren't obligated anymore. I really only texted him to see if he was over me, and it seems like he is (He said himself he'd be over me in a month) so I decided to remove him from all my social media. I really don't see the point in being friends because I'll probably end up liking him more and I'm ready to let go. I told him that and I told him that I was waiting for him to get friends before I like cut ties and blocked him because I didn't want him to be alone.

He hasn't responded but I'm thinking about deleting the message before he sees it because it feels mean. Tbh though it doesn't really feels like he cares about me anymore and I just want to show him that I can move on too. And i know not talking to him is what's best for me, but it feels like I'm being mean. Should I delete the message?
Am I wrong for blocking my ex on social media?
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