Seeing your ex again months after the breakup, how do you approach?

If you guys don’t have bad blood but more so awkward blood, plus the guy is immature... what would be your mindset at seeing them at a huge group meet up? I had a long distance breakup with a guy younger than me who I went on a trip to spend a couple days with in another state. While over there he had a diabetic attack, where he vomited in front of me constantly. Told me “ I would have never wanted anyone to see me like this , especially you” and geared up profoundly. We spent most of the time in the hospital while I was there, after the trip needed he broke up with me and I was devastated. His reasonings were that he can’t handle a relationship right now, he needs to focus on himself, how can he take care of somewhere else when he can’t take care of himself, that he found out he’s very private person etc. Made sure to mention how I’m the perfect girlfriend and he still cares about me as much as has but couldn’t find the words. He cried along with me as he laid it all out. The guy is a successful streamer who is living on their on for the first time and DOES NOT take care of himself. Ordering take out everyday is his worst habit. After we had our breakup talk he said he would be there if I ever needed to talk but quickly shifted into “ I think I just need to be alone right now, I’ve been super stressed”. Never ignored me but got gradually colder and colder when I’d try to figure out what his approach towards us would be. After a big blowout on how I hated how he was acting , we stopped talking and I have refused to reach out to him sense then. I haven’t spoken to him in 2 months. He avoided watching my snaps since the breakup but once he heard I was going on the trip to pax Seattle he looked at a story of me smiling and that surprised me cause he hasn’t budged since we broke up. I’m NERVOUS AS HELL at the idea of seeing him after the last physical meeting was when we were in a relationship and wondering how I should handle him being there too?
Thanks guys!
Seeing your ex again months after the breakup, how do you approach?
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