Should I feel hurt by this?

So we broke up because she lost interest, it was 'mutual' but because she lost interest and literally no matter what I tried she had no interest. So instead of her breaking up with me she dragged the relationship down so far there was nothing left. Since breaking up she's essaged me a few times and I messaged her because someone close to her died and I messaged her because I still love her and do really care about her. She replied back and since , essgae some out of the blue after ignoring my reply. I messaged her back and again she deliberately ignores me. Since then she has been sharing things about how she is staying single because of past mistake, being 'pissed off with people...' and basically like she's been the victim and had such a hard time. Even tho she was the one who stopped showing interest. It's like everyone is to blame but her.
since breaking up I have asked to try again, told her I miss her, etc and I don't see what I have done to be seem hated so much.
Can anyone shed any light?
Should I feel hurt by this?
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