Trying to get my lover to leave his wife?

My problem is short but crucial and I need your help. I have a daughter for a man that I am madly in love with, but he is married. We have worked together for years and I have always been there for him. He got married after we spent a year and a half together and I begged him not to marry this woman.
I wanted to be his wife and was planning to attend the wedding to stop it, but he begged me not to do so.
I went as far as taking him home and he met my family, to see if he would change his mind. I then decided that I would give him a daughter as I know he loves girls and I was desperate to go the extra mile to have his mind changed from this woman.
Now my problem is that his wife does not treat him the way she should, and I hate that. She literally does not care about him and he often tells me when she gets on his nerves and is always cursing about me.
I want this man so badly. I am considering to take the risk to go talk to her and have her know that we are together and she cannot stop us no matter how much she tries. Maybe that way she would give him the divorce that he wants.
I do not see what he sees in this woman. I am better looking, more educated, I have a good job and my salary is four times what he earns.
I can more than take care of him. I seriously want this man, what do you suggest? He is not happy with this woman and I know I can make it work for us.
Trying to get my lover to leave his wife?
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